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Crystal Auras & Colours

Colour has always been important to me and I have formed a special relationship with it. As a child, friends would be impressed and fascinated that I could reach for the coloured crayon I wanted without even glancing up. Numbers and letters would exude energy of a distinct and individual colour.

This synesthesia was not limited to numbers and letters and I was able to feel the colours of the people around me. These auras would be as unique as the person they surrounded.

The Colours of Loved Ones

My best friend shone bright kelly green: the colour of leprechauns, fairy mischief and all things Irish. My grandmother, a vivacious redhead, emanated a delightful warm shade of dove grey that could sharpen to steel when she was determined or challenged. My grandfather radiated a cheerful orange that spoke of optimism, hope and humour. This vibrant orange would fade to a softer peach when he was tired or thoughtful.

We are Pulled to the Colour of Our Energy

I am always fascinated by how often we are instinctively pulled to the colour of our energy. Grey does not sound like the most inspiring colour, but my grandmother was drawn to it and, for her, there was no greater confidence-boosting shade. She looked beautiful in it. I remember scouring racks of blouses with her searching for any grey tones that might be tucked in between the rainbow brights.

Interestingly, when left to his own devices, my grandfather painted the walls of his bedroom a vivid shade of tangerine—a surprising choice perhaps, and a startling shade for most people. For my grandmother it was intolerable and the walls did not remain glowing orange for long! I often think about them and how they complemented and balanced each other: My grandmother, a pearly and sophisticated grey that spoke of the boulevards of Paris (a city she adored) and my grandfather, the sparkling orange of warmth, sunshine and Africa (a place they both resided in for many years). Between them they had five children and shared many happy years.

Your Crystal and the Shade of Your Aura

As a teenager, I became fascinated by crystal gemstones. I was attracted to their natural beauty and enthralled by the energy vibrations they emitted. It made perfect sense to me how they worked to benefit and harmonise. We are all energy after all, as is everything in our universe. Crystals harness this energy and attune to our unique vibrations. When I am reading with someone (literally attuning to their energy) my crystals are invaluable. There is always one that jumps straight out for that person and invariably, it is the shade of their aura and unique energy.

We are Drawn to Our Personal Crystals

I am often impressed by how we are naturally and instinctively drawn to our personal crystals. One of my callers has the most beautiful aura of green, tinged with specks of sparkling purple. When I recommended aventurine and amethyst for her, she paused and then laughed. She had bought both of these crystals that very day, simply because she had thought them pretty. They had jumped out at her right away.

Get the Right Crystal!

Of course, every crystal has unique traits and properties and every crystal won’t work for every person. However, get the right one and it’s like applying a fresh battery to a flagging device—energy and vitality are cleansed and renewed. I encourage even the most cynical people to try an inexpensive piece of their crystal.

Crystal Energy

After I recommend a crystal that matches the colour of their aura, many of my callers return to me saying things like, “I got the job!,” “He asked me out!” and “Our home is so calm now, and all the arguing has stopped.” Some callers also tell me their luck has changed. It’s crystal energy! I assure them that their energy has become cleaner, purer and enhanced, and with that, they are becoming all they should be. Life should just flow and crystal energy can really assist in helping you to shine as you should in this beautiful, rainbow universe.

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