Chakra Healing with Crystals: A Guide

Chakra Healing with Crystals

Mother Earth offers us many healing tools, including crystals. Crystals emit frequencies that can clear, expand, and balance the chakras. When we need uplifting or grounding, crystals can harmonize our energetic bodies. some will ask for action, some introspection.

They reveal our shadow self and ask us to learn from past hurt. Whether you wish to connect with your inner guidance or build self-esteem, there is a crystal for each chakra that can help.

Root Chakra Crystals

Red Jasper – This crystal honors individuality and can help to find momentum to take the necessary action. It can build a feeling of strength and security. The crystal can further heal shame and guilt associated with sexual trauma and provide vitality for those with depression.

Black Obsidian – This is a volcanic glass that can severe the cords of attachment to beliefs, people, situations, and places. It is great for grounding after some trauma or when you are calling for protection, especially if you are an empath.

Black Tourmaline – This crystal shields from electromagnetic radiation from electronics and appliances. It will clear energetic blocks and offer psychic protection for those who pick up the energy of others.

Sacral Chakra Crystals

Pyrite – This crystal can spark willpower and raise self-esteem. It can offer inspiration to act on our dreams in an assertive manner. It is great to use in manifestations.

Carnelian – This crystal harnesses the energies of creation and courage when apathetic feelings arise. Just wearing it can help you feel empowered and abundant. Use Carnelian for healing in the first three chakras.

Hematite – This crystal grounds us and allows for overwhelming feelings to be released. It clears any energy not serving a positive purpose while strengthening our inner resolve. It can soak up EMFs that may be causing anxiety and insomnia as well.

Solar Plexus Crystals

Citrine – This is a special stone of joy, power, and abundance that helps manifestation come with ease. Citrine heals self-worth issues while amplifying playfulness and authenticity.

Tiger’s Eye – This stone promotes and aura of courage and strength in the face of challenges. It helps us remain patient and disciplined as we transform. Tiger’s Eye is perfect if you want to be persistent and decisive while remaining sincere and moral.

Yellow Jasper – This stone offers happy vibrations and positive energy to connect with the power source. It further nurtures and balances anxiety.

Heart Chakra Crystals

Pink Tourmaline – This stone opens us to healing and love over emotional wounds. It creates calm and safety when we feel stressed, anxious, or depressed. It also connects to our empathy and a deeper life understanding.

Green Aventurine – This stone is able to pacify the heart and move beyond resentment and anger to get back to love. Use the crystal to ask for empathy and compassion when struggling with someone. It further symbolizes success, new beginnings, and prosperity in endeavors.

Amazonite – Great for absorbing EMF smog, Amazonite brings masculine and feminine energies into harmony while healing emotional trauma and low vibrations.

Throat Chakra Crystals

Sodalite – This stone aligns us with frequencies of intuition and self-expression. When you want to share a message through the written or spoken word, use sodalite. It can offer healing for those who are overly sensitive.

Blue Lace Agate – This is a stress relieving crystal that allows us to release anxiety and judgment. It teaches us healthy ways to use self-expression. As you surrender your energy to the crystal, you will calm your mind and ease anger.

Angelite – This stone connects us to the angel realm to aid you in intuition and psychic development. It attunes us to a higher vibration to find tranquility when channeling, doing automatic writing, or projecting outside the body. It also supports effective communication with those you love.

Third Eye Chakra Crystals

Fluorite – This stone is able to reorganize the auric field by offering calming to the emotional and mental body. It awakens the soul in such a way that intuition is enhanced. It helps to absorb information and learn with an open mind.

Amethyst – This soothing crystal is well known to aid in spiritual growth and meditation practices. It provides protection and an openness to intuition. Place a small piece of this stone over the third eye to bring focus, understanding, and peace.

Lapis Lazuli – This is a stone of insight that brings mental clarity. It can aid communication to higher realms while enlightening the ego so we can know ourselves on the deepest levels.

Crown Chakra Crystals

Clear Quartz – This energizing crystal is powerful enough to amplify the energy of any other crystal with it. It carries wisdom and insight into a higher truth and the breakdown of illusions. Clear Quartz holds intentions and can reconnect us with our dreams. Sit in silence with the stone and generate feelings you would like to manifest.

Lepidolite – This stone calls on ease and tranquility while soothing the mind. It contains lithium to hinder anxiety.

Selenite – This stone brings inspiration and clarity at high vibrational levels. It can heal energy blockages as you hold it at the end of the day to release energies that are not your own.

Crystal Energy

Crystals carry powerful wisdom in subtle ways. Their individual frequencies realign chakras to connect us with our greatest potential. Use the crystals in meditation, bath with them, or carry them during the day. Keep a journal to track which crystals shift your thoughts and emotions as you work with them. These are the ones most attuned to your needs.