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Different Psychics, Different Results?

       You’ve talked to several psychics, asked the same questions, but no two answers are alike and you’re left wondering what to believe. It’s actually pretty common for different spiritual advisors to provide different answers. It doesn’t make one psychic any less accurate than the next, it just …

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Crystals That Captivates Love

     Valentine’s Day just passed by and with it comes a lot of mixed emotions after a day full of love. If you’re in a loving relationship, it can be a welcome opportunity to spend quality time together and indulge in some romance. If you’re single, it can serve …

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The Function Of The Dazzling Crystals

      Gemstones have long captured our hearts and minds. Even as children we’re drawn to glitzy baubles such as our mothers’ and grandmothers’ earrings and charms. But maybe it’s worth asking if this attraction is based on more than their outward beauty – perhaps from an early age …

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Crystal Auras & Colours

        Colour has always been important to me and I have formed a special relationship with it. As a child, friends would be impressed and fascinated that I could reach for the coloured crayon I wanted without even glancing up. Numbers and letters would exude energy of …

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Crystal Power For Healing And Well Being

    There are so many people who thinks that crystals hold an extraordinary power on their own. Sorry to burst your bubble, they do not! Crystal power is similar to a laser. As lasers are concentrated light, crystals transform rays of psychic energy, combining them into a powerful force …

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The Right Crystals For Your Sign

        Astrology is one of the best tool used for self-discovery and the crystals are magnificent creation that contains fantastic healing properties. Combine the two together and the results can be electrifying! When using any crystal—astrological crystals for healing or just general wellbeing—the most crucial thing is keeping it …

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