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Crystal Healing

The Function Of The Dazzling Crystals

      Gemstones have long captured our hearts and minds. Even as children we’re drawn to glitzy baubles such as our mothers’ and grandmothers’ earrings and charms. But maybe it’s worth asking if this attraction is based on more than their outward beauty – perhaps from an early age …

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Amethyst: A Source Of Power

      Amethyst is a really beautiful coloured quartz crystal which manifests in various colour combinations ranging from almost clear white with a light pinkish violet hue, to a deep purple. It is one of the most abundant and easily found crystals, making an excellent decoration as well as …

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What Can Your Crystal Do?

      You might not know but we are energy as much as we are physical. Our laughter, our raging passions, the delicate flutter of our lashes and the powerful swing of a baseball bat, all of these originate as chemical or electrical impulses in the brain. From time …

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The Right Crystals For Your Sign

        Astrology is one of the best tool used for self-discovery and the crystals are magnificent creation that contains fantastic healing properties. Combine the two together and the results can be electrifying! When using any crystal—astrological crystals for healing or just general wellbeing—the most crucial thing is keeping it …

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Using Crystals For Healing

A reiki master, or even you can use crystals for different types of healing.  Reiki masters especially use crystals for distant healing because a long time after the master takes his hands off the crystal, a crystal will continue to send reiki energy.   A crystal is a powerful tool for …

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Crystal Healing: The Process of Laying On of Stones

There has long been a practice of placing stones on specific areas of the body or in the mouth, including references in Medieval Lapidaries. The practice is more recently documented by Melody in Laying on of Stones, in which she describes complex layouts or clear quartz points around and crossing …

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