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Amethyst: A Source Of Power

      Amethyst is a really beautiful coloured quartz crystal which manifests in various colour combinations ranging from almost clear white with a light pinkish violet hue, to a deep purple. It is one of the most abundant and easily found crystals, making an excellent decoration as well as …

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What Can Your Crystal Do?

      You might not know but we are energy as much as we are physical. Our laughter, our raging passions, the delicate flutter of our lashes and the powerful swing of a baseball bat, all of these originate as chemical or electrical impulses in the brain. From time …

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Crystal Power For Healing And Well Being

    There are so many people who thinks that crystals hold an extraordinary power on their own. Sorry to burst your bubble, they do not! Crystal power is similar to a laser. As lasers are concentrated light, crystals transform rays of psychic energy, combining them into a powerful force …

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Psychic Uses A Variation OF Crystals For Reading. Why?

A lot of people knows that there psychics who are using  a couple common tools like Tarot cards, runes, and crystal balls are some of the most commonly thought of items. One of the tools you might not see as often are the use of crystals. Not every psychic uses crystals in …

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