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Crystal Reading

Crystal Power For Healing And Well Being

    There are so many people who thinks that crystals hold an extraordinary power on their own. Sorry to burst your bubble, they do not! Crystal power is similar to a laser. As lasers are concentrated light, crystals transform rays of psychic energy, combining them into a powerful force …

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The Right Crystals For Your Sign

        Astrology is one of the best tool used for self-discovery and the crystals are magnificent creation that contains fantastic healing properties. Combine the two together and the results can be electrifying! When using any crystal—astrological crystals for healing or just general wellbeing—the most crucial thing is keeping it …

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The Nutshell Of Crystal Healing

           Crystals are fine gems that we usually use an accessories or decoration. When we think of crystals and gemstones we don’t automatically think of healing but did you know that they also have healing properties? Many people laugh at the idea of a gemstone, rock …

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The Never Dying Crystal Balls

    “When we think of Psychics.. We have a vision of someone whose wearing huge dangling earrings and equally large rings on their fingers hovering over the ball which has been placed on pillows and stands and would normally result to a prediction with foreboding. And as a question of …

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Learn More About Crystal Ball Reading

Crystal balls have been utilized for no less than four thousand years for divination. The specialty of picking up information for looking into crystal is called “scrying.” Most individuals partner a gypsy reading crystal ball as an image of enchanted power. Other individuals may recall the scene in the Wizard …

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Using Crystal Divination For Insight and Healing

People have been rehearsing the craft of divination for a huge number of years. Honing the specialty of divination permits you to speak with and to get direction from the divine. Be it from soul guides, holy messengers, totems, predecessors, or some other higher force, these bits of knowledge really …

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