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What healing crystals are and how you should use them

What healing crystals are and how you should use them

To start with, what are healing crystals?

This involves placing gemstones on your body or nearby places to help remove negative energy. Crystals have been here since many years ago.  They work with your energy field to absorb, focus and direct energies.

Where should you keep them

Different individuals use different ways to store crystals but I love keeping them in a bag. They however also work well when put around the house concerning what they do.

You can also place them behind your computer at work or on your nightstand while sleeping so you can feel their energy. It’s advisable to put them near you especially where you will be for the better part of the day.

The best crystals to buy if you are a beginner

Many crystals have unique properties that can be used for distinct things. For a starter, I’ll recommend the following.

Amethyst: This one, in particular, enhances your intuition and increases your spirituality. It helps in removing bad behavior and addictions. It is a very beautiful stone.

Citrine: It releases personal power energy. It brings success and gets rid of negative energy. If you are in a demanding career, then this stone is for you.

Aventurine: Also known as a lucky stone. It brings good fortune, peace, and money. When individuals hold this stone, they usually say they see luck. You can use this stone to improve your career.

Clear quartz: Also known as the love stone, it helps enhance our sense of self-love before embracing the love that’s out there and is the favorite of all among women.

Does a crystal’s size matter?

The energy of a crystal depends on its size, however, energy can be absorbed regardless of how big or small the crystal is. Obviously, the bigger the crystal the larger amount of energy it wields.

Are individuals drawn to crystals or are crystals drawn to them?

Both. A crystal might pop up for you especially if there’s something you need in life that you are not saying.

Is there a possibility of crystals conflicting with each other?

Not really. They are at peace with each other. nevertheless, you should be careful. Crystals have the ability to make things happen at the same time especially if you want to work on something specific.

How is someone able to pace themselves with a crystal?

We all look for different things at different times in life so it’s advisable to switch stones once a month or twice a year depending on what you think you need.

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