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The Nutshell Of Crystal Healing

           Crystals are fine gems that we usually use an accessories or decoration. When we think of crystals and gemstones we don’t automatically think of healing but did you know that they also have healing properties? Many people laugh at the idea of a gemstone, rock or mineral providing an individual with healing. Only those who have experienced it firsthand believe in the power of crystals.

A large majority of people start off as skeptics and then witness the amazing power of these colorful rocks, making them believers overnight. Once you understand how crystals can heal some of the most common ailments, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, you can open your mind up to the incredible power that these beautiful gems can offer.

How Do Crystals Work?

Realize that crystals are generally used for healing purposes and are believed to amplify healing energies. You can practice healing with crystals along with other therapies that encourage healing from within, and that embrace positive energy. Chakra balancing therapy, meditation and Reiki healing come to mind when we think of healing therapies of the alternative kind.

Which Crystal Should I Use?

There are a variety of different crystals to choose from and the most popular gemstone crystal used for healing is the clear quartz crystal. This crystal is also used for general balancing in one’s life, and can rid an individual of any negativity that may surround them. Quartz crystal is believed to destroy negativity, and encourage positive energy and experiences when used along with healing therapies or placed in the home.

Some of the other healing crystals most commonly used for crystal therapy and balance achievement are rose quartz crystals, salt crystal rocks, jade, hematite and citrine. All of these are used for healing practices and for ridding yourself of negativity.

How to Use Crystals?

You can use crystals in a variety of ways and for a wide range of ailments. Many people choose to carry crystals in their pockets, purse or bag while others may massage a crystal between their fingers during physically or mentally painful moments. Healing crystals can also be placed in the home, under the bed or on your night table during your sleep, and are said to bring great relief to emotional, physical, spiritual and mental anguish.

How Will I Know if the Crystal Is Working for Me?

This can be difficult at first because many people who start out with crystal healing practices have great expectations. You cannot expect to be healed overnight. This isn’t realistic with any type of therapy. Crystal healing takes time and practice, and you may not notice results for quite some time.

Crystal therapy is considered a form of alternative medicine like acupuncture, naturopathy, ayuveda, yoga and aromatherapy. It cannot be rushed and it is important to believe in what you are practicing, whether it is new to you or a daily practice. When you decide to try healing through crystals, you must remember to be open-minded, patient, and to give the crystals time to work their magic and unleash their healing properties.

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