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The Basics Of Crystal Healing

You may be familiar with crystals as the gems that are used in decorations or jewelry. We don’t commonly think of crystals as a means of healing.  Crystals do have many healing properties. Those who have experienced the healing first hand are true believers.  These stones are not only beautiful, they have incredible power.

How Do Crystals Work?

Crystals heal by amplifying energy. They can be very successful when used along with therapies that use internal healing.  These are Chakra balancing, Reiki healing and meditation.  Crystals are often associated with alternative healings.

Which Crystal Should I Use?

There are many different crystals.  The most common crystal used in healing is the clear quartz crystal. This stone is used to encourage balance in life.  The quartz crystal can destroy negativity while encouraging positivity. This crystal can be used in the home to ensure balance in the home.

Other healing stones are rose quartz, salt crystals, hematite and jade.

How do you use crystals?

Crystals are used in many different ways and for many illnesses.  Some people use crystals by carrying them in a pocket, purse or special bag.  Some hold a crystal in their palms to her them  through difficult moment.  Crystals may also be used by placing the stone under a bed or in the room of the afflicted.

How do you know if a crystal is working?

Like any form of healing, with the exception of outright miracles, crystals don’t promise instant results.  One can’t expect to be cured overnight.  It’s just not realistic.   The healing with crystals will take time and practice. The results may not be visible for awhile. Like any other form of alternative medicine; yoga, acupuncture, aromatherapy, etc., it can’t be rushed and it needs to work over time as part of a daily practice.  Stay open minded and keep your energies fluid and patient. Then the crystals will begin to let loose their healing powers.

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