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Smudging to Eliminate Negativity

Smudging to Eliminate Negativity

Just like physical clutter, energy also can accumulate in unexpected ways.  If you feel like you have been experiencing more negativity around you recently, it might be time to try smudging.  By cleansing the bad energies around you and your home you can create space for new positive opportunities to enter.

Smudging is a ritual practice, often using lit bundled sage, to purify an environment from toxic energy so a person can experience more healing, insight and productivity.  Prior to performing the act, one must set a clear intention to help best direct the energy.  Consider what you are trying to release and what instead you hope to cultivate.

Benefits of Smudging:

  • Cleansing of Air: Sage has antimicrobial properties which kills harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Balancing Negative Energy: Energic ties can be attached to people, spaces or objects.  By smudging you can release past hurts or traumas so they can be purified by the Universe.  The smoke from herbs like sage alter the molecular structures of the air to create a sense of lightness and can make a person feel buoyed and more productive.
  • Improvement to mood and mental acuity: When you are able to remove the toxic cords around a physical body, a person feels a sense of being refreshed and renewed.
  • Eases Stress: As a person’s mood is lightened so to is stress expelled from one’s body, mind and spirit.  In particular, white sage (Salvia apiana) contains abundant compounds that awaken brain receptors that regulate mood, and hormones.  These key receptors can even reduce pain!
  • Promote Deeper Sleep: As you feel less burdened by life, you can feel your body relax. This relaxation will last throughout your day and allow you to carry less baggage in your subconscious, which in turn will facilitate improved sleep.  Garden sage (Salvia officinalis) has proven benefits in reducing anxiety and increasing one’s ability to enjoy restorative sleep.

How to Smudge

First, state a clear intention.  There is no set way to word it, instead speak from the heart.  For example, you may choose to enter each room of your house with the lit sage saying something similar to the following: “Allow this sage to cleanse any negativity and allow pure love and light to flourish.”

After stated your intention, light one end of the bundle and then allow the flame to go out.  You should be seeing the bundle produce a smoke plume with some smoldering embers.  If you find you aren’t getting enough smoke, gently blow on the embers.  Be careful to avoid any ash getting into your face.  Then, move the bundle around preferable in a clockwise direction, allowing the smoke to swirl about you and reach each corner of the space or object you want to smudge.

Tips for smudging yourself:  Start at the crown of your head and gradual following the outline of your body all the way down.  Be mindful to include your feet, fingers and under sections.  You may want to give extra attention to any chakra sectors that you included in your intention, the stomach and torso in particular can hold onto negative energies.  Make sure you then work your way back up your body, infusing it with love and finish back at the crown of your head.

Tips for smudging your home:  Start at the hearth of your home, particularly focusing on your front door.  Proceed in clockwise directions both around the house in general, and within each room.  Mindfully waft the smoke into corners of each room and all the edges of any door.  You should spend longer time smudging more hallways, doorways, mirrors, windows and common rooms.

Tips for smudging an object:  There is no limit to an object that can be smudged! Smudge by wafting the smoke in a circular clockwise pattern and keep the bundle close to the object.

When to Smudge

Listen to your intuition!  Your inner wisdom has the ability to the communicate with the energy fields around you, so if you feel like negativity is hanging around you, it probably is!  You can also find a pattern with smudging like beginning your week on a Sunday or Monday to start you off on a clean slate.  It is also wise to smudge if you or a family member have recently experienced some of the following:

  • Bad news
  • Trauma
  • Illness
  • Recent argument
  • Particular negative or draining person
  • Hosting or being around a large group
  • Purchase a new item or home

Energy is dynamic so people leave echoes of their energy behind.  Cleansing after a tough visit or purchasing a new to you item is a good way of starting a new chapter off fresh and positively.

Safe Storage

It is important after cleansing the energy around you, that the sage is properly extinguished and stored.  Ensure all embers are out of your sage bundle by gently pressing it into a clay or glass vessel, or allowing it to natural burn itself out.  If you have cleansed your window, it is advisable to open windows to release any linger negative energy.  If you have cleansed yourself, either take a long walk outdoors or take a ritual shower.  After smudging it can also be helpful to light a candle to symbolize bring more hope and light into your life.

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