Mending a Broken Heart with Crystals

Mending a Broken Heart with Crystals

A difficult romantic relationship can cause you to struggle in many ways. Perhaps you feel depressed, angry, resentful, or even suffer from emotional trauma. When a relationship turns abusive or even co-dependent it can also drain the energy from the sacral and heart chakras.

This leaves you exhausted. Crystals can provide healing through grounding, balance, and renewal for those who may be struggling in a traumatic relationship or those who found the strength to leave one.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian helps you to release resentment. This crystal is formed from crystallization of molten lava and offers grounding while simultaneously releasing negativity and anger from the user. It offers healing benefits unique to those who have been in abusive relationships.

Using black obsidian paired with meditation can help those effected by the anger of their ex-lovers as a way to clear dark energy from auras. It will also create forgiveness in those who have lingering feelings of wanting to take revenge on an ex. Try the grounding exercise below with the black obsidian.

Find a quiet, distraction free spot. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth ten times. Imagine sitting somewhere relaxing like the beach of a forest, distancing yourself from the one that harmed you. Place the black obsidian on the heart chakra. Observe how it feels on the skin.

Honor the power of the stone. Imagine it expanding as it drains the anger and darkness from you. As the negative energy is absorbed, visualize the stone getting smaller again as it disappears completely with the dark energy locked away forever.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is perfect for balancing emotions. The smooth texture of the colorful, shimmering green aventurine is soothing. A feminine stone, this stone relieves emotional disturbances from the heart chakra, especially those caused by painful break-ups.

Filtering out feelings of suffering and replacing them with light and love is common for aventurine. This stone also offers a stabilizing influence and stress relief from emotions in a chaotic state.

Perfect for wearing on a chain, as long as it lays on the heart chakra, this stone will keep the blue days away. Green aventurine is also helpful or those with low self-esteem, especially when it comes from being in a relationship with a critical partner. Wear on first dates to keep from making impulsive decisions or experiencing emotional extremes.


Brazilianite helps you to reclaim power. Found mostly in South America, this is the stone for those who feel controlled by a partner. The golden hues resonate with the heart and sacral chakras to offer warmth and even sexual healing.

Brazilianite creates spiritual and emotional boundaries to keep negative influences away. It can be traced back to the Atlantis empire, so the karma is well rooted in power. Meditating with this stone protects users from privacy invasion. To protect the personal space, place it near windows and doors.


  1. The article sheds light on the potential benefits of using crystals for emotional healing. It would be insightful to compare these methods with conventional therapy approaches to understand if they’re complementary or if there are any contraindications.

  2. Black obsidian as described here seems to have significant benefits for those recovering from abusive relationships. However, I’m curious about the scientific backing for these claims and how widely accepted these practices are within the mental health community.

  3. The use of crystals to aid in emotional healing seems intriguing. I wonder if their effectiveness is more due to the placebo effect or if there’s some inherent property within the stones themselves.

  4. The connection between Brazilianite and ancient civilizations like Atlantis as mentioned in the article adds an interesting historical dimension. It would be beneficial to explore the historical context and whether there is archaeological evidence supporting these assertions.

  5. Green aventurine’s described ability to filter out suffering and replace it with light and love is fascinating. I’m interested in learning more about how these stones are sourced and the ethical considerations involved.

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