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Crystals Against Ghosts and Spirits

Crystals Against Ghosts and Spirits

If you are interested in ghosts or ghost hunting, chances are you want to be a part of the paranormal.  If you are into crystals and healing or if you love gems because you want to be protected from ghosts, then you will want to know about crystals that can protect you from ghosts and spirits.

Some of these crystals can act like a shield and not allow ghosts or spirits to come around you.  If you believe in ghosts or not, it never is a bad idea to have crystals around you that can protect you.


The peridot is a crystal that is often used for decorative purposes.  It also has historical meanings for spiritual practices.  The peridot is a stone that is meant to keep you balanced and to protect you.  Some psychics believe that you should have this in your collection and that it can cause ghosts to leave a room.

When you wear a peridot, you might not feel ghostly presences around you.


The Shungite crystal is a crystal that is similar to the onyx.  This crystal can work against negative energies and can help to get rid of bad vibes that you would have.  If you are somewhere and you get a weird feeling, make sure you have your shungite with you.


The quartz is used for many things.  The smoky quartz could be the best one to help to protect you when you are around ghosts and spirit.  Users that wear the quartz or keep it in their pocket will always feel calm wherever they go, even if being around the paranormal.


The Jet is considered a crystal that is very powerful and a great protectant.  It can get rid of curses and negative feelings and energies.

Some that have used the Jet feel that they have a stronger connection to the universe and so if you are getting scared at night, keep a Jet stone with you and the spirits will leave you be.


The Amethyst is considered a calming crystal and helps to bring soothing and peace.  Someone that has strong intuition might want to keep the Amethyst with them for protection.  The stone can also give peace and support and safety.


Never underestimate the idea of having crystals on you and with you at all times.  If you are into the paranormal world, or if you just are looking for a way to feel safe and taken are of, pay attention to the list of crystals and put them as part of your collection.

Remember, you can wear the crystals or put them in your pocket to make sure that you always have them with you.  Crystals can be a source of energy, healing, protection and peace in all situations of your life.  Always keep them handy and let the universe keep you safe and protect you.

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