Crystal Color Meanings

Crystal Meanings

Using crystals can help with healing and can be a great way to connect with the universe and the energies around you.  It can be hard to figure out what type of crystals to use because there are so many out there.  Each crystal is unique and have different vibrations.

Once way that you can pick a crystal is by picking it based on its color.  Each color has its own vibe and meaning and can lead you in the right direction if you pay attention to it.

If you judge a crystal based on color alone, it might not be the right stone.  You need to feel what the energy is saying to you and find a crystal that will lead you in the right direction.  You need to put your trust in your intuition when picking a crystal and make sure you are drawn to that particular crystal.

The colors of the crystals can be symbolic, and they are associated with the seven colors of the chakra, but you don’t need to know the chakras to get quick ideas on which crystals to choose.  There are general colors that are associated with things such as red being associated with passion and green being associated with money.


A white crystal can mean peace and purity.  This is one color crystal that is easy to work with and that you can connect to easily.  This can be used during mediation to clear your mind.


A red crystal can mean action and power.  You might want to use this when you need energy or when you need to be motivated.  This can bring you extra energy and get you moving when you are not taking the action that you need.


Pink can mean love and compassion.  If you are needing to be compassionate towards someone or if you feel warm and gentle, then you will know the pink crystal can be right for you.  This crystal can work with forgiveness and bring a sense of calm to you.  You can connect with a good spirit if you open up your heart while using the pink crystal.


An orange crystal can mean change or creativity.  If you feel in a slump, an orange crystal can stimulate your enthusiasm and help you to be more creative in what you are doing.  If you feel like you are missing something and you are not able to figure out ideas, an orange crystal can help to spice up your life.  The orange crystal can also help you through changes.


A yellow crystal can mean optimism and willpower.  Since yellow is like the sun, this crystal can help you to become enlightened.  It can bring positive power and energy to you and help you to have a better sense of self.  This can make you feel good and give you confidence in everyday life.


Green, like the color of money can mean growth and abundance.  This can help to attract wealth and can help you to connect to the Earth and help you to be grounded in the energy around nature.


Blue can mean clarity and communication.  This crystal can open you up to smoothness and calmness and can strengthen you and show your personal truths.  The blue crystals can help you to understand things and to strengthen you while helping you stay cool and calm.


A purple crystal can help you with your intuition and spirituality.  This crystal is mostly associated with spiritual and can help you to understand the divine.  This is royalty and a color of magic and mystery.  This color crystal can help you to open your third eye and enlighten you for what purpose you have in life.


A black crystal can be bound with negativity and banishers.   This crystal can protect you from negative things and protect your mind.  This crystal can help you to be protected and emotionally safe.  This crystal can shield you from negative energy and help you to be protected at all times.


  1. The explanation of how to rely on intuition when selecting crystals is particularly insightful. It emphasizes the personal connection and subjective experience one should have with their crystals.

  2. The alignment of crystal colors with the chakras is a significant detail, even though the article mentions it isn’t essential knowledge. It helps to better understand the broader context of crystal usage.

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  5. The article provides a clear and concise understanding of how different colored crystals can affect one’s energy and emotions. It’s interesting to note how each color is associated with specific attributes and can be used for different purposes.

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