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How Crystal Can Give You Healing

crystal 3We all know that crystals are influential apparatuses that we can use to give our energy stability, clean our chakras and feel more positioned and strengthened. But did you know that the power of crystals encompasses far beyond these uses? Crystals can also support us with specific issues we may be struggling with.

Resolving misunderstandings or communication issues :  Sometimes even the closest people can end up at odds and unable to break through what looks like a communication stalemate.

It doesn’t matter which one of you is unable to find the right words or express their true feelings – working with a crystal can help in these situations to get you talking again and for each of you to be able to find the right words.

Also, most of our communication is non-verbal so crystals can assist wth helping you see what the other party is actually saying when they are saying nothing verbally! A blue or turquoise crystal is what you need in these situations as it corresponds to the throat chakra.

Hold the crystal to your throat chakra for any time between five and 10 minutes while you think about the other person and what you want to say to them and equally importantly, what you would like to hear them say in return.

Don’t be at all surprised if your throat feels blocked or you cough or even gag – this is just the sign that the energy is working and your chakra is being cleared.

You may even begin to receive insights into what the other person is really trying to say or even what the real issue is!

When you know you are going to see them and speak to them next, have your crystal with you. You fill find a new understanding opening up between you.

crystal 2Finding the way forward: Sometimes a problem can seem overwhelming and although we can be trying to the best of our ability to resolve it, nothing seems to work. If you are in this position, try a little crystal help. Choose a dark blue crystal such as lapis lazuli which corresponds to your third eye chakra.

You will need piece and quiet for this process so please turn off your phone and ensure you will not be disturbed. You can sit or even lie down (whichever suits you best). If you are lying down then place the crystal on your third eye in the middle of your forehead. If you are sitting then hold it there. Take a few deep breaths and relax.

Feel the deep blue energy expanding out from your forehead. Imagine it pulsating and then expanding ever-outward until it joins with the sky and then universal wisdom. Say to yourself ‘I now open myself up to the limitless knowledge and solutions available to me to assist with my current situation which comes direct from the universal source.’ Feel confident that you will receive new insights and ways of dealing with your situation.

Sit for a few moments when you have finished to see if a solution occurs to you immediately but if it doesn’t then watch for synchronicities and act on your intuition when it comes to trying something new to resolve your problem. Repeat this process daily until your issue is resolved.

Ditch the zero confidence! The one thing that can really hold us back from fulfilling our potential is low self-esteem/self confidence. We either don’t trust ourselves, don’t think we deserve success or else are unable to even try something as we think we will fail.

If we succeed in spite of this, we can then self-sabotage or else fall into what is known as ‘impostor syndrome’ where we fear at any moment we will be ‘found out’ when others discover just how incompetent or flawed we are.

crystal 1Crystals can help with this common problem as well. Very often when we have poor self-confidence and/or self-esteem it is because it feels eroded by others. You need a yellow/orange stone just as citrine which will enable you to trust your own judgement and inner voice once more.

Hematite is also great for self confidence. Place this under your pillow at night – it’s THAT simple. As you begin to see positive results from following you own intuition and hunches despite what others may have told you, your sense of self-worth grows. Soon you will have an entirely new self-image which radiates confidence and high self-esteem!

As usual when choosing your crystal remember – it doesn’t have to be an expensive one! A small crystal works every bit as well as a large one. What is more important is that you can ‘feel’ its energy from the first time that you handle it. Crystals offer highly personal opportunities for healing and growth – all attuned to our individual energy!

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