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Crystal Readings

Heart Chakra Stones


The Heart chakra is a wonderful healing crystal that can help you to have a healthier and a happy life. This chakra is associated with healing, love, compassion, and peace. The crystals for this chakra can help you to have self-healing and can help to open up your life. This …

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Higher Heart Chakra Stones


The Higher heart chakra is one that is in the etheric heart and can help you with your emotions. This area of your life can help you to have forgiveness and compassion. This also helps you to see authentic communication in yourself. The crystals that go with the Higher heart …

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Throat Chakra Stones


The throat charka is associated with different colors but the best colors for the throat chakra is the color blue. The blue healing stones can be used to help the chakra and these stones are easy to get. The third chakra stone is used for the throat chakra or the …

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Third Eye Chakra Stones


If you are wanting to heal your third eye chakra which is located in the center of your forehead and is known to help you boost your psychic giftings, you can do this by using powerful crystals that fit into the third eye chakra stones. This is a great area …

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Crown Chakra Stones

Blue Kyanite

The Crown Chakra stones are great stones that can help with your spiritual growth. These stones can help to heal parts of your body that are sick. The crown chakra is part of the seventh chakra, and it functions as a way to reach your spiritual beings and to have …

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Soul Star Chakra Stones

Blue Kyanite

The soul star chakra stones will help the areas above your crown chakra. This area is located close to a hand width over the top of our head in the etheric, instead of the physical body but can go up to two feet high. The height of your soul star …

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Crystals for Positive Affirmations

Herkimer Diamonds

Positive affirmations can help you to reach your dreams. Making positive statements is a powerful thing and doing this each day can make you feel better and be clear in your thoughts. Using positive affirmations each day and the power of intention and having a thankful attitude can help you …

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Crystals to Bring Good Vibrations

Yellow Amblygonite

Everyone wants to be positive and full of life. There is an energy field that surrounds you and it is called the etheric body. This is when your vibrational frequencies help you to feel better. When life is full of improvement, it can help your spiritual, mental, and emotional being …

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Crystals to Unlock Imagination

Onyx Stone

Do you want to increase your imagination or unlick it? Why would your imagination improve your life? Your imagination is part of your mind that you can use to help your life to be better. You can learn to discover things from different perspectives and if you want to see …

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Crystals for Coincidence and Synchronicity

Charoite Stone

What is the idea of coincidence, synchronicity, or serendipity? The idea behind this concept is when random things happen that bring together events that are unrelated. You can use crystals to draw these events to yourself. Some people believe that everyone is linked and even though this is possible, it …

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