Sunday , November 10 2019
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Be Grateful Today with the Gratitude Stone

Life is full of some wonderful memories. Every heartwarming experience reminds us to see the good in the world. The pink crystal/stone Rhodochrosite vibrates in tune with this positivity. It connects with your heart chakra. Each Rhodochrosite rock is as unique as your favorite memory. Thankful jewelry Imbue yourself with …

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All About Crystals

Crystals, in all of their forms, are around us all of the time.  The most common crystals are in the form of sugar, salt and ice.   Many crystals are in the form of minerals.  These minerals are, in turn, are used for jewelry in the form of precious gemstones.  Most …

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Eight Healing Crystals

Have you ever received a gift in the form of a gem or a healing crystal? You are lucky–this means you are truly loved! Crystals sometimes work in powerful ways. Other times they work in more subtle ways. Crystals can help you attract the desired quality of energy. They can …

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Five Reasons to Have a Crystal Reading

Crystal readings are a fun and light-hearted way of experiencing different areas in your life. Readings easily be done, simply by just carrying stones with you on a regular basis. A reading can show you how to view yourself and how the world sees you. It can show why compatibility …

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What Is Crystal Reading?

Crystal readings are not similar to other forms of future’s readings including Tarot cards reading, crystal ball readings, and I Ching readings. They don’t predict the future. The crystal energy reading is a spiritual and empowering way to rediscover your inner power. Crystals reflects our emotions and feelings back to …

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