Tuesday , October 15 2019
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The Perpetual Crystal Ball

The stereotype of  psychic is the Hollywood depiction of a woman with hoop earrings and bejeweled fingers lingering over a glowing orb. This woman would comment on the harbingers of doom that lay in the future. In truth, the contemporary seer is someone who takes her gift seriously and, to …

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The Mysterious Moonstone…Meanings & Uses

The mysterious moonstone is the stone of the mother moon. It reflects the feminine and soothing energy of the moon. The moonstone brings balance, calm and peace back to our lives, with its high energy rays of purple, gold, and blue colors. Humans have very strong connection with the moon from …

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3 Steps to Using Crystals for Healing

  Crystals can be used by reiki masters as tools for healing. This is because crystals can attach themselves to auric mucus, which allows for distant healing as it continues to draw the auric mucus out. As a result, these crystals can be used to heal those who are sick. …

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Psychic Subtle Energy Cultivation

The words Chi, Ki, prana, orgone, magis,and ether are words you would have certainly heard in describing subtle energy.  Subtle energy pervades everything and everywhere in the Universe. The scoop of your psychic abilities with subtle energy cultivation is far greater than you can imagine when cultivated.   The difference between …

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The Crystal Ball And It’s Uses

Crystal balls are usually associated with women wearing huge dangling earrings and equally large rings on their fingers hovering over the ball which has been placed on pillows and stands and would normally result to a prediction with foreboding.  From modern seers, we now know that the picture is not …

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