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Crystal Healing: The Process of Laying On of Stones

There has long been a practice of placing stones on specific areas of the body or in the mouth, including references in Medieval Lapidaries. The practice is more recently documented by Melody in Laying on of Stones, in which she describes complex layouts or clear quartz points around and crossing …

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Know More About Crystals and Auras

Crystals are considered the aura chameleons of the color spectrum, (i.e., they are strong mirror images of others). They reflect both the positive and negative qualities found in each of us, rarely taking on a “true” life color of their own. They constantly absorb energy from anything and everyone around them, making …

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Connecting with Crystals & Stones

Developing your skills on sensing the energy of your crystals and stones is the first step in working with them. You can use several methods to open the communication pathways between you and your crystal. Personal experience is vital in working with crystals and stones is for you to have your own …

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Be Grateful Today with the Gratitude Stone

Each gratitude rock is unique and beautiful, so too are the unique and beautiful experiences in our lives. These rocks remind me to be grateful and to always look for the positive things in my life. Rhodochrosite is a lovely shade of pink, emitting a powerful vibration for the heart …

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All About Crystals

Crystals are all around us every day. Most of the time, we don’t even realize all the crystals we see every day. Just what are crystals anyway? A crystal is an organized grouping of atoms, or molecules. Each crystal has different properties and shapes. Some crystals that you are probably very …

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Know the Top 8 Healing Crystals and It’s Purpose

Have you ever received a gift in the form of a gem or a healing crystal? Then you are lucky because you are truly loved. Crystals work in powerful, even though subtle ways; they can help you attract the desired quality of energy, strengthen your personal energy field, clear your space of …

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